On June 1, 2020, NMAHHC moved to a new website and member system.  We are requiring all agencies to login and update their profiles before September 30, 2020 to make sure all of the information we have is correct and accurate. 
Help us help you!
As we advertise our Association to the public, they will be encouraged to utilize our directory on our website to find agencies throughout the state. If you are a member of NMAHHC, you will be part of our online directory and will be searchable on our website to the public. The information in this online directory is populated from the information on your profile. You profile information is also the information that will be added to the PPL printed materials. 
If you do not update your profile, the incorrect information may be shared with the public and potential patients. 
Our staff is working hard to make sure this process is as easy as possible for you. Please follow the steps outlined below or watch the tutorial to learn how to update your important profile information. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].
Here are the steps to login and make sure your information is correct:

1. On June 2, 2020, all members received an email with the subject Important Updates to NMAHHC's Website! If you did not receive this email, let us know and we will resend the information. If you did receive it, follow the instructions in that email to create a new password and log into your member profile. The photo below shows where on our website the member login is located. 
If you do not remember your username or password, you can submit a request for this information to be sent to your email. 

2. Once you login, the below screen should appear. If it does not immediately appear, let us know and we will have to adjust your settings. Once you arrive at this screen, click on 'My Profile'.

3. Once you are in your profile, you may edit your personal information by clicking the edit button on the upper-right corner of your profile. Once you have clicked edit, you will then need to click on your organization. This will take you to a profile for your agency. The information in your agency's profile is important - this is what appears on our online directory search and PPL. 

4. Once you are in your agency's profile, you will be able to make a variety of adjustments. Here you can:
  • Change your agency's logo so it will appear during an online search. 
  • Update the Counties Served & Services Offered. 
  • Update the Primary Contact info that the public will see on your profile. 
5. Finally, if you would like to see which staff members are linked to your agency or add a new staff member, you can do so in your agency profile. 

  • Go to Individual profiles at the top right corner of your agency's landing page. 
    • From here, you can edit individual profiles or add new ones by 'creating linked profile'. 
    • If you would like to remove a staff member, you can 'unlink' them and they will be removed from your agency.